Shenzhen Fende Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Fende) is located in Guangming High-tech Park, Guangming New District, Shenzhen. It has passed ISO9001/2015 certification and is specialized in veterinary drugs, additives, hormones, mycotoxins and other residues in food. National high-tech enterprises for detection technology, rapid diagnosis of animal diseases, and related product development.

Shenzhen Fende integrates biotechnology research, production, marketing and technical services into a four-in-one, based on the development of the fastest and most effective testing products for food safety. The self-developed rapid detection kit for veterinary drug residues and rapid test strips continue to meet domestic requirements. The demand for food safety testing, dozens of products, technical level and operating efficiency far exceeds foreign countries; secondly, animal disease-based animal disease diagnosis kits and test strips have been widely used in animal husbandry units, research units And colleges and universities, provide a strong basis and guarantee for monitoring the immune and diagnostic effects; Fender Biotech constantly develops its innovative ability and professional production capacity, keeps pace with the times, monitors the food safety of relevant departments and regulates the food production enterprises themselves. Provides effective assistance and protection.

Shenzhen Fender will build a technical platform in the field of international food safety testing, providing testing basis and technical exchange for testing of domestic and foreign customers. Adhering to the mission of "providing more quality products, better service, and pursuing quality and win-win", we will continue to improve the efficient customer service system, give full play to the technological advantages and continuous innovation in the field of food safety testing, and become the world's largest bio-detection reagent field. Leadership in bio-enterprises.