Shenzhen Finder Biotech Co., Ltd. (SZFINDE) is located in the Life Science Industrial Park, Dapeng New Area, Shenzhen, China. Our company has passed ISO9001/2015 certification. SZFINDE is a high-tech enterprise engaged in rapid detection of food safety (such as residue detection of veterinary drugs, additives, hormones, mycotoxins), rapid diagnosis of animal diseases, and related product development.

SZFINDE integrates biotechnology research, production, marketing, and technical services to develop the fastest and most effective food safety testing products. Our self-developed rapid test kit for veterinary drug residues consistently meets both domestic and international requirements. We offer a wide range of products and excel in technical expertise and operational efficiency compared to foreign counterparts.

Our diagnostic kits and test cards for animal diseases, primarily for livestock and poultry, are widely used by Animal Husbandry Government Departments, scientific research institutions, and universities, providing essential support for immune monitoring and diagnosis.

SZFINDE is committed to providing high-quality testing products and technical services to domestic and international customers. We aim to establish a global presence in the field of international food safety testing. With the mission of "providing better products and services," we continuously enhance our customer service system, innovate with our technological advantages in food safety testing, and strive to become a leading biological enterprise in international biological detection.